Financial Crimes

From Ponzi-Schemes to complex financial fraud schemes, IDSnetwork employs experienced investigators with the knowledge to assist you in your case. Our goal is to work with you and or your legal representative in determining your potential loss and possible recovery options. We can also assist in working with any local, state and federal agencies to prosecute those individual(s) involved.

Fraud Prevention Services

With over 25 years of experience in the investigation of various types of claims in the title insurance industry, IDSnetwork has the knowledge to help in the prevention of various types of fraud. IDSnetwork will help to analyze your individual needs and present a course of action to keep you from becoming a victim of fraud. We offer a FREE initial consultation with no obligations.

Locate Investigation

IDSnetwork has been conducting locate investigations for over 40 years with a VERY HIGH success rate. Our experienced investigators have the knowledge and resources to help locate any individual in any part of the United States and abroad. We work closely with your individual needs and budget in order to obtain the best possible result.

Due Diligence Investigations

If your case or claim requires a due diligence investigation of an individual(s) or corporation, then IDSnetwork stands ready to help you. We will conduct an in-depth desktop and/or field investigation, where necessary, and provide you with a due diligence affidavit.

Asset Investigation & Recovery

IDSnetwork provides desktop and in-depth field investigations designed to help you in the potential identification and recovery of available assets. If no potential assets are identified, IDSnetwork can also help in monitoring the individual or company for any future asset acquisitions. Give us a call for a FREE consultation. It is not a requirement that you have a judgment in your case in order to get started.

Title Insurance Claims

Our specialization is the investigation of title insurance claims. IDSnetwork employs specialized and certified investigators experienced in investigating all types of title insurance claims. We will investigate and assist in revealing the necessary facts to help you and your legal representative in making an educated determination of your claim.

Expert Witness & Consulting Services

Douglas Pollock has been qualified as an expert witness in both state and federal court in the areas of mortgage fraud, title insurance closing practices and escrow account practices. In addition to actual expert witness services, both Rafael Toledo and Douglas Pollock are both experienced public speakers about a number of topics related to real estate and mortgage fraud.